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French TV on Astra2

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Being as I work in comms and IT my lack of knowlege of the satellite scene outside of bog standard Sky is an emabarassment but with aplologies if this has been asked 1000 times before here goes anyway [:$]

I have standard 80cm Sky dish with a quad LNB currently feeding 2 Sky digiboxes.

'er indoors is badgering me for some French TV to augment her language learning and I'm loath to put up a second dish so the obvious question is what can I buy which will plug straight into the LNB to give me (her) a selection of French channels and what would they be ?


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Same answer as I gave before ErnieY


If you can find the correct mounting bracket to give a 9 deg separation you could mount a second LNB on the bracket arm to give you Astra 1 at 19 deg E but even there a lot of French stuff is scrambled.

What you see on your Sky box is pretty much what's on Astra 2,  and there isn't anything else French AFAIK that you can add using Add Channels.

If you got a Visiosat dish it would at least mean you still had one dish but more sats to look at.

Sadly the French FTA situation is only favourable (at least compared to Britain) when it comes to analogue....

Have you investigated your roof aerial and whether it works....?

And depending on your property's situation don't forget that dishes can be mounted at ground level discreetly,  on a low wall,  terrace foundation,  etc etc.  €35 at Bricodepot buys you all the kit (apart from wall mount bracket) for analogue French sat reception (assuming you've got a SECAM colour set). 

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