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Where's my disk gorn ?

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I have an elderly laptop which I'm upgrading. It has an 18Gb HD which is both pathetic and full, so I'm swopping it for an 80Gb one.

To this end I've installed both the old and the new HD's in my main PC with a view to cloning the old onto the new.

So I've connected it up and turned it on. First of all nothing happens at all. So I guess the jumper is in the wrong poasition for a slave on an IDE cable. So I alter the jumper and try again.

Success ! Go into the bios and - yes - there are the two IDE drives in addition to the 2 big SATAs. Great. Save/exit, let Windows XP load up, and now it detects another device, which it eventually installs as a hard drive (detectable in Device Manager) then go to 'My Computer'.

All the SATA (partitioned) drives are there, plus one of the laptops, but not the other one.

So my questions are:

Where's it gone to ? and how do I find it again ?

Oh, and can anyone recommend a disk copy prog to clone an HD to save me having to copy it folder-by-folder ?

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You need to partition the new drive before you can use it.

I think the procedure for this is much the same in Vista as in XP where you right click My Computer then Manage then Disk Management.

A window will open showing all your drives including the new one and a right click on that will offer a Partiton option.

You will also need to format it which you can do in the same place. 

PS: Simply copying 'folder by folder' will not produce a drive which will work in your laptop, you need to use a cloning progaemme and I recommend Acronis Drive Image but in all honesty I'd use the opportunity to do a clean install and start anew.


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