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Vista service pack 1..

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Before you do it I would advise you to research 2 topics:

1. 'What's in Vista SP1' as in - do you really need it ?

2. 'Vista SP1 problems' as in - could you cope with the worst case scenario ?

If the answer to either is NO then your question is rhetorical [geek]



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[quote user="Jonzjob"]

I have just had the upgrade request for service pack 1 on my Vista laptop.

Does anyone know if it is OK to install this or is it the proverbial 'jar of worms'??



Vista SP1 is fine. I have now installed it on two of my machines. One is an older ASUS AZN8X-X PC with 500Mb RAM and the other is an ADVENT 7113 laptop with 2gb RAM. I think that MS have taken notice of all the slagging and I have every confidence in their newer offerings. Performance is good on both my machines.

EDIT: I thought I'd add that I'm running a couple of legacy progs. One is Intuit Quicken 2000. This runs fine on both machines.


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I'm genuinely pleased for those for whom it's gone well but with only 2 reporting it hardly represents a comprehensive cross section of Vista users [;-)]

I've just spent a few minutes glossing over THIS MS page which lists the changes in SP1 and whilst I don't profess to thoroughly understand more than a handful or so nothing leaps out as crucial or of a 'must have' nature so if I were a regular Vista user I think I'd decline the opportunity on the trusted 'if it ain't broke - don't fix it' basis.


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