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transferring broadband service to new house owners?

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hi all

we're in the process of selling our house to friends. we're currently subscribed with free for broadband. if they decided that they wanted to continue the service, does anyone know if it's possible to just get the contract details switched over from us to them? seems silly for us to pay a deconnection fee and send the kit back, only for the new owners to have to request new kit and wait for the service to recommence......

...although even if it is possible i'm wondering whether it may be more trouble than it's worth?!

any ideas?


squidge x



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Don't know squidge but I'd put it to free that your friends really want to go with Orange/Alice/Neuf et al but if they (free) could arrange a seamless transfer of the contract, then that would probably clinch it for your friends to stay with them.   [Www]

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