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New PC - Mouse & Keyboard

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I've had to buy a new PC ... and have noticed that there are 2 USB ports at the back of the keyboard ... does anybody know please whether it's a good idea to plug the wireless optical mouse receiver into one of them??  I have done so, and it all works fine, but is it a good idea??  I've had a good search on-line and in the users manual but it doesn't tell you anything ... you can tell I'm used to a very very old PC [8-)]  Can anybody re-assure me that it's OK please?

Many thanks

P.S.  What are these ports for??

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Excellent - thank you both very much indeed!  I panicked as when I experimented and plugged in the scanner the whole lot shut down - 'windows has closed to prevent possible damage to your computer'.  Since seeing your messages I've also tried the webcam, but it says that the 'hub power has been exceeded'.  I had a message with the Livebox wifi dongle saying that it could work faster elsewhere ... but at least I've freed up one USB at the rear of the PC - saves a few more wires trailing across the desk!

Thank you [:D]

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If stuff like that is happening it suggests software or driver problems with the pC itself or the USB devices.

The warning about shutting down to prevent damage etc. is scurrilous

scaremongering by Microsoft who should be ashamed of themselves for flashing up such a

potentially frightening message [:'(]

I have no idea why your webcam is giving that message. USB is a standard with clearly defined power specifications so no properly designed device should be able to overload a port.

The Livebox dongle is giving that message because it is a USB2 device but your keyboard ports seem to be only USB1. This may be by design or due to driver problems.

All in all it sounds to me like your keyboard is not a quality piece of hardware and the USB ports almost more trouble  than they're worth. If you want additional ports my advice would be to forget about it and buy a small powered hub instead.

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A single USB port will only handle a certain amount of power. The two ports on the back of your keyboard are both running off the same USB that powers your keyboard, so the chances are that the power for webcam or the interface to your scanner, plus the juice needed for the keyboard, came to more than the allowable power.

If you need lots of power-hungry USBs you can buy powered hubs. These have a separate power supply (more wire!) but allow you to have four, sometimes more, full power USB devices connected to one port on your PC.

The other thing to bear in mind is that there is a limit on how much data USB can shift, so it's probably not a good idea to have a webcam and a USB broadband modem sharing a port. It won't do any damage but neither of them will run at full speed.

I'm really a software guy so any hardware techie may feel free to correct me.

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Thanks for your replies ... I have 4 USB ports at the back of the PC and 4 at the front (under a sliding cover) which is enough for my basic needs .. I was trying to avoid having wires trailing everywhere by using the rear USBs for the everyday necessary stuff, which was why I wanted to utilise the keyboard ones if possible.  We don't often use the webcam or the scanner so they can easily be plugged into the front ports when required.  But I do understand the diffence between it all now!

Best regards

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