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sharing internet connection at home

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I'm trying to share my internet between 2 laptops wirelessly, or 1 laptop and a games console. It seems to be that all can get online with no problem, but not at the same time. Is there an easy way?  I have a freebox v4 with a wifi card, a Nintendo wii, and an old laptop with a newly purchased usb wireless adapter. Have been reading lots of complicated stuff about Seperate Ip addresses and  Routers, but imagined it should be pretty easy. Any help much appreciated.
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Interference could be the problem.

If you want multiple devices to talk wirelessly to a single router they must of course all be working on the same radio channel (normally 11) so there can be conflict if they are in close proximity to each other [geek]

Try your 2 laptops at a a few meters distance from the router, preferably in opposite directions, and if it works you've nailed the problem.

What to do about it is another matter [:'(]

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Is the router granting IP addresses ? (Some verbiage about dhcp and dynamic addresssing ) ?


If not it is possible that you have allocated the same ip address to each of the 'client' devices so they don't work together.

NB If you are entering them manually then they must be in the same subnet as the router


e.g. router is

pc 1 is

pc2 is

wii is


Bon courage.




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