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Password recognition with AOL

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Here I am very happy with my Neuf box and my wifi facility.

Unfortunately, I have yet to work out the email function.  Therefore, I set up free email account with AOL.

I love the way things work and find a lot of pleasure using AOL.  Unfortunately, everytime I switch on the computer, it doesn't recognise the password I have set up.

So, I go through the rigmarole of saying I'd forgotten my password, go through the security questions, set up a new password and then access my account.

I have now switched on 4 times and have had to change my password 4 times!  Not a nice thing to have to do.

Anyone knows what I am doing wrong and describe to me (preferably in words of one syllable) how I go about getting my password recognised and how I can get straight down to brass tacks without changing passwords everytime?

In any case, I am running out of ideas for new passwords!



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I don't know anything about AOL but have you tried clicking the Stay signed in until I sign out box, to place a check in it and you will not have to sign in each time you visit the same Web site from the same computer.

Otherwise you can get a free google mail account[:)]

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[quote user="sweet 17"]

I love the way things work and find a lot of pleasure using AOL. 



Oh dear !  well I suppose there had to be one person in the world thinking like this.

Sounds like maybe you haven't got cookies enabled.

Ditch the AOL and get the far superiour Gmail instead

Can't imagine what problems you are having with Neuf email, I assume you are using Outlook/Outlook Express or similar?

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SW17 ...........

I too have justed switched to Neuf ADSL from AOL dial-up (because the latter dumped that service, so no choice).

For the time being however, I've left the AOL 'live', just to make sure that I mop up any messages that I want to re-address. 

I get the same problem as you: sometimes its OK, sometimes not, so I don't think that its you doing something wrong.    

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Thank you for all your helpful replies.  Certainly, if the problem continues, I will register with Gmail as I am a great admirer of Google and anything to do with them.

I used to use Outlook Express but I have recently been using Mozilla.  Perhaps I'll go back to the tried and tested.

When I am feeling brave (or perhaps foolhardy would be a better description), I will have a go at doing some of the things you have suggested.

In the meantime, grateful thanks!

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