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free cancellation translation!

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hi all

need to cancel our subscription with free as we're moving back to the wateryworldofwales. what i was planning to do was to send the kit back on about the 10th sep (to allow la poste enough time!) as i know that if you get the kit sent back to them before the 20th of the month, they'll cancel the subscription at the end of that month.

BUT on the website, there's two options to chose from when you click on the option to cancel the service:

Je souhaite profiter de ma connexion jusqu'au dernier jour du mois de la reception de ce formulaire de résiliation

Je souhaite que ma ligne soit décablée dès réception de ce formulaire de résiliation

i can't figure out what the difference is between these! is the first one saying that they'll cancel it at the end of the month, and the second one saying they'll cancel it immediately? and when they talk about reception of this formulaire..... do they mean the instant reception they'll get online...... or when they receive something in the post? i'm really confused!!!!



squidge x

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The "formulaire" is the one you're filling in online ("CE" formulaire = "THIS" form)

Your assumption regarding the differences is correct. The first one says you want the cancellation to be effective on the last day of the month in which they get the form, and the second is with immediate effect.

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