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My husband and I were discussing (mildly heated), if we were to buy a property in France and run it as a B&B, what income could we generate. I said that I fancied the South West region because of the better weather. He said that our income would only be generated from the holiday season (July and August) and that to attract more income we should perhaps buy a house in Normandy/Brittany region, to attract weekend breaks, because no one would travel that far south just for a weekend ( he's talking about attracting British visiters). How weeks a year can we expect to earn a living from B&B? Do people go to the SW for Easter and Christmas and half-trem school breaks? Or are they more than likely to hop across to Northern France?
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Sadly I agree with your other half. We are here in the South West and the British Market is very summer related. But why come to France just for the Brits, with the internet your customer base is far wider.

As every trade if you provide what the customer wants, then you can succeed almost anywhere, but it much easier, near the sea or somewhere famous, where the people go on holiday or work.

Good luck
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I can't tell you how many times we have had a similar discussion (also heated)

As we have just had a reasonable offer on our UK house, I suppose we ought to make up our minds too!

I have heard so many conflicting reports - I've even phoned people like Chez Nous to ask which areas were filled first - very non-committal answer - and our friends who have some gites in southern Brittany said a good season in July, August, Sept albeit a slow start in June.

I've heard that the Dordogne is still brilliant, that the Dordogne is finished, the Limousin is cheap, unfashionable but will be the new Dordogne, the Languedoc IS the new Dordogne, and Provence is more 'it' than the Dordogne but far more expensive. Dordogne, of course, is apparently more English than England.....

I've been told Brittany is wet and windy, the Vendee flat, Poitou Charente tatty, Paris impossible, the list is endless...

I personally love every square inch of France. So long as I've got a bit of sun, a glass of a decent red, a morsel of bread and cheese and a table outside the village bar I'm a happy person.
There is a piece of France to suit everyone and if you like your bit of France, you can be darned sure so will others. I'd say go for the area YOU like best - others will follow.

Which ever area you choose, good luck


PS If you are wondering, I love Brittany for the culture - I'm a pale, freckly, ginger haired shade loving celt...mind you I also love the south west!
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