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I wonder if someone can help?

We bought a new imac last year in the UK. We initially just had the phone line via FT but when we arrived permanently and wanted access to the internet we subscribed to orange and got ourselves a livebox.

For some reason I cannot get a copy of the monthly orange bill ie everytime I try I get an error message - can someone tell me what I'm not doing! I want to see what I'm paying for as the monthly bill can vary between 53 euros and 67 euros a month and I don't know why so perhaps one of you tekkies could enlighten me.

Also, we are on haut debit at 39.90 per month as we knew two of the relatives we speak to in the UK normally chat for up to 2 hours. Can someone tell me if we have the best contract. One of these friends is elderly and does not have internet but the other now has skype and has recommended we use it as she says we can then speak for as long as we like for free.

Thanks, Chris

I know nothing about skype and am not much into technology.
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re your bill - my speciality isn't computers,  but I just wonder if the bills you're trying to look at are in Adobe format?   There have been some problems with Windows Vista with this,  and I know that doesn't apply to you,  but if everything else you look at works....?

If your bills are coming in so much higher than the €39.90 basic it sounds as though you're on anything BUT the best tariff.   We have Alice at €34.90 (and that's in a non-degroupée area) and pay €34.90 and no more,  with unlimited Europe landline calls (we never - on principle - ring mobiles).

Can't help with the Skype but there are people on here who use it,   and I'm sure they'll be along shortly,  even if it's just to say that my thoughts on your bills problem are erroneous!

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