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Dartybox vs. Nintendo DS

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I'm not sure how to start with this little problem but here goes.  We have a Dartybox which works fine with our Laptop using the duty dongle and originally my daughter was able to play with her mates on her Nintendo DS via wifi....however as of late she is completely unable to establish a wifi connection.  The Nintendo still "sees" the wifi signal, but won't connect. We haven't (as far as we know) changed any settings for either the Dartybox or the Nintendo DS...


Any thoughts? Has our Dartybox learnt to ignore the Nintendo ??? 

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yep tried that "fix"...it's quite an infuriating problem.  Initially we could connect both the Nintendo and my own laptop through the wifi without any dongle involved.  However once we started using second laptop (which needed a dongle) it seems the Dartybox has "learned" to ignore any other kit....as far as I know we've not altered any settings on the dartybox.  

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