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Adobe Photodeluxe on Vista

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I've been using Adobe Photodeluxe Home Edition 3.1 on Windows XP SP2, but now I have a problem.  I have a new PC running Vista Home Edition, and have tried various free trial versions of Photoshop and Elements, but they have too many whistles and bells for me, and I'd rather continue using Photodeluxe.  Only problem is that Adobe have now discontinued Photodeluxe, and version 3.1 won't install on Vista [:(]

I've tried googling (several times) and I've tried changing the settings for program compatibility, but with no luck.  I found a free version of Photodeluxe 4, that is compatible with Vista, on the Adobe website, but even that won't install as it says it can't determine the destination directory.  I'd happily pay for a new version of Photodeluxe, but as it's been discontinued I can't.

So, does anyone have any ideas of tweaks for getting 3.1 to install on Vista, please?

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Hi Cat,

I am afraid there is no solution to your problem.  Adobe discontinued support for Photodeluxe in 2002 so I can't find a way for it to work in Vista.  Take a look at the links below which are two FREE image editors, both are loaded with tools and will cost you nothing.  You can download one or both, try them and if not happy delete.





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