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Transportable wi fi routers??

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Now I'm not a total techy, nor am I "Mr PC", so I think this must be possible, but I'm not convinced it will work!

We spend as much time in the UK as in France, and have one PC on broadband  (Wanadoo ASDL modem in France), and  broadband, supplied through Virgin's digi' box in he UK.

My laptop is wi fi enabled, and I can get a wi fi card, or dongle for my better half's laptop. What I would like to do is have one broadband router that I can use in both counries, e.g, plug it on to the modem in France, use both laptops, then unplug it from the modem, take it to the UK, plug it into the Virgin box, and use both laptops in the UK.

Is this possible? Me thinks there will be an IP number problem, but that's where my know runs out!!!.................

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I think you're in danger of tying yourself up in uneccessary knots.

If both your UK and France routers are WiFi then you don't need to start carting routers back and forth.

In any case there will likely be subtle differences in the setups between the French and UK ADSL systems which would require some expert router tweaking every time.

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Sorry, I must have mis-read your original post Steve - I thought you already had two modem/routers and like Ernie thought you were making life too difficult. Now it seems you don't. Have I got the wrong end of the stick?

It would always seem to me to have a router/modem at each property is going to be the best bet. The wi-fi enabled laptops should remember where they are each time and log on without difficulty once you have got them registered on each network - well, that's what mine does when I get back to the UK. I don't even have to go into the menu.

Regards - Tim

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My initial understanding of your original post was that you have broadband in France and UK but you have wired modems at both locations rather than wi-fi routers.

In addition you needed a wireless PCMCIA card or USB wi-fi adapter for your wife’s laptop as it’s not wi-fi.

However as I’m not familiar with Virgin’s offers I’ve had a look on the Virgin UK website and it seems all their packages INCLUDE a wireless router - http://allyours.virginmedia.com/html/broadband/mother.html - is this what you have?  If so, you’ve already got what you need for wi-fi in the UK.

In France, all you need to do is replace the Wanadoo modem with a wireless router – you’d be better buying one in France so you get the correct plugs etc.

You will also need a USB or PCMCIA wi-fi adapter for your wife’s laptop which will work in the UK and France.  These cost about £20 from PC World etc.

The first time a wireless laptop “finds” a wireless network Windows prompts you to connect to it.  At that point you will have to enter a “network key” (security password).  Once you have done that the laptop will remember the network key and each time it is in the vicinity of the wireless network it will automatically connect to that network.  Your laptop is capable of storing the connection details of many networks and will automatically connect to whichever one is in range.

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