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French TV channel frequencies

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Can anyone tell me where I can find the frequencies for the French analog free to air channel frequencies please?

I am trying to help our French neighbour set up her new TV and it is being alkward and putting channels where it wants not as button 1 channel 1, etc!

Me thinks it's femail?

Duck John!!![:D]

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The most complete list is here


but unfortunately it's not being kept up to date as the re-assignment of some relay channels progresses in order to fit in digital.   The informaton for the main stations ( > 50 kW) is correct.

But as I said in reply to your other post,  Pic de Nore (if your neighbour is using it) is on channels 64/58/61 which correspond to

767.25/791.25/815.25 MHz for the vision carriers,  with an offset of (I think) 6.5 MHz for the audio,  although you shouldn't need that if the TV is correctly set up to scan for system L standard.

There's also a regional FR3 on another channel but I can't be bothered to look that one up as once you've got it all working it should become obvious!  (it's 66,  F5 is on 46 and M6 on 43)

If you need the full conversion table you can find it here:


although the audio values correspond to system I with its 6 MHz offset

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