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Saniflow and their range

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Has anyone experience in France of Saniflow and their range of materials for 'hard to plumb' spaces? We have just obtained a brochure which contains some quite impressive designs, not dissimilar to our system in France. We would be interested to hear from anyone who may have used any of their products - sanivite, sanipro, sanishower, saniplus, saniflow, sanitop, sanipack or sanichasse.

If so, where have you found the outlets?

Thanks in anticipation.

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I do not have experience of Saniflow in France, but I do have one in England, which I bought from Wickes (own brand). After eight years of sterling work it packed in and I replaced it with another (which cost me 10 more than the original price). Since, as far as I can gather, they are all (whatever the brand) made by the same French company, I feel able to consider their use in France.

The product operates and performs as is described, and is relatively easy to install. It requires an electricity supply which can be taken from any nearby socket (with appropriate safety precautions). To the owner of any fosse septique, it offers no additional problems (just use the same rules - no Tampax, nappies, cotton wool etc).

I have seen displays in Castorama and other diy places, so they are easy to obtain.

I would not hesitate to use one where it could be useful.

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