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Domino Day Today

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I haven't heard a word on TF1 about it this year (they tend to blow hot and cold towards it) but it's DOMINO DAY today.

If you enjoy Children in Need then you won't be watching.   If like me,  whilst happy that Children in Need does so much good work but not actually wishing to sit through it,    Domino Day is a truly fascinating show with relatively little hype.

You can get it on RTL Television (Astra 1) free to air which means that a Canalsat box should receive it (but I don't have one to tell whether it actually does).   Any FTA box on 19 deg E will get it as well.

The target is over 4 million tiles this year I believe,   and the lack of hype (as demonstrated perfectly last year) is that if they don't beat the target they say so,  and a lot of youngsters are genuinely distraught,  rather than wound up to tears by a bunch of medja students in the production team.

The visual effects created by the dominoes are normally beautiful,   and the mechanics fascinate those like me with a Heath Robinson tendency.

Normally kicks off about 21.00 (or a few minutes before) CET.

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