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Satelite Signal Problems

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Greetings, I am after some help from those more knowledgeable than I.

I have a Freesat HD Box, previously a Sky box, during the last couple of weeks I keep losing the signal quality, it goes from 100% to zero, then back again. I have checked all the connections, tried turning the power on and off, but the fault keeps on coming back. There is no problem with the radio programmes which I do not understand.

One of my previous Sky boxes had similar problems, I changed the box and it solved the problem. So could it be the Freesat Box (Humax)

The dish was checked for alignment about 18 months/2 years ago, the dish is not obstructed by anything.

So I am totally baffled.

Before I call someone out I thought I might ask the forum if I am missing anything.

Any help or advice gratefully recieved.

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I agree that it's odd that the radio is unaffected, as a loose connection would - one would think - show up on both.

Have you tried depowering by unplugging and leaving for a few minutes,  rather than just putting the box in standby.

I'd then try taking it to someone else with an Astra 2 dish and seeing if the same problem arises there.    At least that would guide you to the likely source of the problem.

If that hasn't/doesn't work, I'd try a re-install (you need the parental code for that I think).    Means putting in the post code etc again.

The risk is that you lose all your channels and can't get them back -  only you can decide if that's worth it or not.

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