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MSN question

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Nothing but problems with the laptop and they are now too numerous to describe and I'm too well-mannered to saddle you with them.

Upshot of my attempts to solve the problems is that I am now using MSN to access the net.

Can anyone please tell me whether it's possible and if so how I can get rid of the very annoying bar on the left with all the bumpf about "My calendar, My Stocks........etc" so that I can have the use of the full screen of my computer again?

Thank you in advance!  Danny, you're one of the people I'm counting on.........

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I'm here...

Do you mean when you open your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox or Opera - or whatever program you use to look at webpages)  the first page is MSN or worse, have you installed MSN messenger or the MSN toolbar ?

is your operating system windows vista or windows XP ?

French or English language?


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Can't use Internet Express because it says page unavailable.

Can't use Firefox as it doesn't even load.

Can use MSN most of the time.  But, I would still like to have use of the full screen and get rid of the tool bar on the left of the screen.

At the moment, I have to use the left and right arrows to read posts on the forum and that's both time-consuming and very annoying!

Any suggestions, Danny?  Anyone else....? PLEASE!!!!

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Hi Sweet 17,

To remove the 'Sidebar' all you have to do is move your mouse pointer over to the Left or Right (usually on the right of the screen) under the clock or whatever you have installed.  Right click and left click on 'Close Sidebar' ---- GONE!


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Danny, I meant Internet Explorer!

And no, I don't want to uninstall MSN as it's now my lifeline and only connection to the net.

Tel, where do I find this ruddy clock you're on about?

Wooly, Please, no jokes!  Woman's problems are a cinch compared to this diabolical stuff!


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Sweet 17,

You are confusing us all!.  You don't connect to the interner using MSN, MSN is not a browser,  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera etc are.

If you mean your HOME PAGE when you are on the internet is MSN, and you want to remove their tool bar, check out the link below and follow the instructions for your operating system and toolbar.


To change your home page start Internet Explorer, on the menu bar click on Tools>Internet Options>General - in the Home Page window (existing one highlighted in blue) the website you want to use as your home page i.e. http://www.google.co.uk , click on apply bottom right then OK.  Your home page is now set.

Best of Luck

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Tel, you are a very kind, patient person.  I know I have confused everybody including myself.

But, I have done as you have suggested.  All now well!!!!!!!!!!![:D]

Thanks a million!

And thank you for everyone for trying to understand and to help.  Danny, special thanks and Wooly even you are forgiven.

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But then, you never do go beyond just averagely bad, do you, Wools?

So, no worries, you're not bad enough to get black spots on your skin or go soft round your ends and you'll never smell of potassium sulphites or whatever gas it is that bananas give off!

You'll live to be naughty again another day.

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