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SuperAntiSpyware Version Update

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[quote user="NormanH"]Do you find this better than Spybot / AVG / Spyware Blaster?
Genuine question...

Really only comparable with Spybot Search & Destroy; I have used this before Super ASP was available. I find it better than S&D but the free version does NOT give real time protection.

AVG is an anti virus with a limited AntiSpyware incorporated; I use this and quite satified with the free version. It has an email search option which is a positive feature.

SpywareBlaster gives real time protection to scripts that attempt to make changes to the system. I use it as a frontline protection shield to prevent surretitious installation of nasties. Updates are fairly infrequent about every three weeks and accordingly easy to miss.

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[quote user="baypond"]and another question, if you are familiar with AVG, it seems when I loaded AVG on to my computer, it slowed the system to a snails pace. Is this coincidence ?[/quote]

Difficult to reply without knowing your system and RAM memory but AVG has a Resident Shield which checks each file when it is opened,accordingly if you are opening frequently such files the AVG Resident Shield will hog a lot of memory; it also has a  Heuristics option which can contribute to occupation of memory. If you open your task manager and check the avg processes you can see if the problem is in fact due to AVG. If you are doing a scan then RAM memory will be a problem. I have just done a scan with AVG which is programmed to start at 13:00 when I dine and watch TF1 lunchtime news.

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Physical memory 1047536

available 366000

system cache 455000

kernel memory

total 76000

paged 42000

nonpaged 34000

Memory usage   firefox 96000, avgrsx.exe 58000 are largest two...

if that means anything to you? I guess you are going to tell me to buy more memory!

thanks vm


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[quote user="NormanH"]Thanks I've bookmarked that site.
Two that I find interesting (in French) are:

Hi, I use the framakey section for Portable Flash Key Software.

For the nitty-gritty of IT with a french computer I use the three forums coming under the aegis of the MicroHebdo magazine. I read the magazine cover to cover every week without fail, like 600,000 french subscribers. But there is real technical support on the forums, with over 470,000 members and usually more than 2500 members on line at any one time. The technical competence and courtesy of the moderateurs is exceptional. Well worth a visit.


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