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Internet connection for second home

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I will own my first french property by the end of the month and I am sure that there are people on here who have been through all this before so a number of silly questions spread over a number of sections, if you will indulge me.

Cheapest way to get an internet connection for a second home please?.  I have an unlimited calls, work paid for mobile so calls are no problem but was wondering if I had to go through all the fuss of getting a fixed phone line with regular monthly costs just to get an internet connection?

I have a wireless enabled laptop and guess I could always find a Macdonalds.  How prevalant are free Wi-Fi zones outside of French cities?  Is there an equivalent of BT openzone for example where for a fee I can log on to a number of centrally provided hotspots?  Not as ideal as getting something in the house but better than nothing. I think dial up charges with my 3G card are going to be astronomical.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Stan and welcome.

To avoid ailianating yourself by asking common, oft repeated  questions could I suggest that you use the SEARCH facilty in the top right of your screen before putting 'pen to paper'. There is a mine of information there.

Wifi is available in most places and you can check your location by entering your phone number into the website of any of the ISPs available in france.

Cheap options for second homes? well it depends on what you mean by cheap.

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