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Brittany v Normandy


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I love brittany,i also lone normandy.
i have spent holidays in both regions but cannot decide where to purchace a retirement home.
i know living in a place is different from taking a holiday there.
has anyone had expereience of living in both regions?
which region would you settle if you had the choice?
i know it is down to me in the end,so please no postings telling me that fact.
i would just like to know your opinions on the two regions.
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dear guest

I love both regions too! You could buy a house in between both and don't forget, once you are there, you can always visit the other region quite easily. Do you plan to return to the UK to visit relatives/friends - where do they live in relation to channel ports/airports etc? What about your budget - what sort of property do you need - can you compare like with like - which is the cheaper?

Good luck - we're still awaiting our buyer's survey on our UK house.
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We have enjoyed holidays in both regions over the past four years, and almost bought a flat in Falaise. We ended up choosing the Loire Valley after we spent a few days in Angers.

However, we have always said that Normandy had the edge on Brittany roadwise, and we have enjoyed warmer reception in Normandy, one special lady restauranteur in Lisieux chasing us down the street, after we had eaten there only twice, to give us a bottle of cider when she heard we were returning home the next day. Just a personal thing really.

We move into our new ground floor two bedroom flat in about a month's time - can't wait.

Good luck with your house hunting.
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