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Buying in the Loire


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I have seen a property in the Loire Valley, to use for holidays, just to the north of Chinon but still on the south bank of the river.

I was very impressed with the property and the price is acceptable, 1m FF, but I have just discovered that 6 km east is the Chinon Nucular Power Station.

Although I cannot see the station nor will it be noticable on a day to day basis, I do have concerns as to its saleability when I eventually come to sell the property, hopefully many years from now.

Only the French would build a reactor in the middle of a world renown wine growing area!

Any thoughts from existing owners of French properties or potential buyers, as to what they might do if faced with a similar dilema?
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We have spent the last year watching our ground floor two bedroom flat, in a block of 12, 3 floors of 4 flats, being built.

There are two other blocks of 12 and one of 6, and all the other occupants, we are told, will be french as it is in a residential area opposite a small factory estate.

Being OAPs and not liking DIY or gardening very much, it is the best solution to living part of the year in France, also from a security point of view.

We hope that when we decide to spend longer out there, we will not have much difficulty in selling this flat if we see something we like better.

I have a daughter who is not impressed by an electricity pylon a short way down the road, but we do not have to look out on this, and do not worry about the health point of view at our time of life. The local Council have planted a most impressive floral area on the pavement opposite the flat, and the lamp-posts all have two tier flower arrangements along the 10 minute walk to the supermarket and other amenities. The French do seem to excel at floral art.

Why not explore the Loire Valley further before you decide on Chinon if this is a worry to you.

Angers is easy to get to, a major town with smart shops, the river, a chateau with a tapestry and is steeped in history.

It is a convenient place from whence to take off to other places i.e. the Airport at Nantes served by flights from Gatwick only, and fast trains to Paris, which take only an hour and a half.

We stayed at Fontevraud last June, and went twice to Chinon during that visit. We found both places more difficult to find by car than Angers. The most relaxing journey back to Calais, avoiding all major towns, is fast motorway to Alencon via Le Mans, main road to Falaise, then dual carriageway to Caen where you can easily find the motorway via the Pont de Normandy all along the North of France to the Shuttle - miles of fast road with, at times, nothing to be seen either in front or behind you.
The bridge is quite something to see - and I am looking forward to viewing at night sometime to appreciate the blue lights I've read about. Far better than going round Rouen or Paris which we always seem to have done during peak hours of the day.

I wish you luck in choosing the property of your dreams.

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>but I
>have just discovered that 6
>km east is the Chinon
>Nucular Power Station.
>Although I cannot see the station
>nor will it be noticable
>on a day to day
>basis, I do have concerns
>as to its saleability when
>I eventually come to sell
>the property, hopefully many years
>from now.

Few people realise that France has the largest concentration of nuclear reactors per head of population in the entire EU, and for all I know in the entire world.

You are never very far from a nuclear reactor in France.
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