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Contacting France Telecom (Orange) from the UK

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For some reason I don't understand I am unable to connect to my espace client on the FT site.  It used to be OK but now says that I don't have an account registered and it won't let me register one either.  I think this problem started when the website changed to an Orange branding.

So I want to call France Telecom to sort it out - because I need to reactivate our residence secondaire line in France - but all the numbers on the website are the four digit numbers client service numbers that don't work from the UK.  And because my phone line is deactivated in France I won't be able to do it from there either.  Catch 22!

I'm able to talk to them in French - does anyone have a 'proper' phone number for them that I could use from the UK?  They haven't answered the email I sent.


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English speaking service for France Telecom is 0800 344775 (from UK 0033 800 344775) open Mon-Sat 08.00 - 20.00

This is what I have used in the past, but must admit it was a long time ago, so not 100% sure it is still available

As you say all other numbers seem to be these silly 4 digit jobs

Good Luck

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