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replies being bounced

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We are with Wanadoo and for the past week have received reservation inquiries, always welcome, for our B&B. The problem is that we are having so many email replies bounced back to us as undeliverable with this:

Relay access denied

This applies to possibly 70% of email replies, which is something of a drag. I have been pasting them to Gmail and replying that way.........second query......how does one know if a gmail is bounced ?? do they let you know cos I have never received one, advice of a bounced email that is.

Hope that makes sense and would appreciate any input.

Bien a vous


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Its all to do with over enthusiastic spam filters and .fr email addresses.

Gmail, Hotmail and other .com's don't seem to be caught in the same way.

This doesn't help you with single enquires but if you tell friends to put you email address is their (always accept) box they should receive your mail.


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I have to use gmail to friends/family with yahoo and tesco, who reject my (orange) emails.  Yesterday I had once bounce back from Hotmail saying "Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail for policy reasons.  The mail server IP connecting to Hotmail has exhibited namespace mining behaviour".
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Not an immediate solution, but I'd recommend anybody who uses email in their business to get their own domain name. It costs something silly like a tenner a year to have your email and Web site hosted.

The advantages are:

Bookings@Bloggs.fr looks more 'professional' than Bloggs56@hotmail.com.

you can set it up to allow anything before the @, so you can have multiple 'departments' all going to the same address.

If you change ISP or your mail provider gets taken over then your email address is totally unaffected.

Have a look at this supplier to get an idea of what's on offer. This is not an ad, or a recommendation, although it is the one I use. There are  plenty of other companies with similar deals.


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Error message “Relay access denied” usually means you are trying to send email

via  an ISP which is not the one you are connected to at that moment. Check the reply

address you have set for your emails.

As has been suggested it’s best to set up your own domain with a host that includes

email facilities, I use 1&1, it’s not expensive at £0.69/month. For this you get 5 Pop3

mailboxes which allow you to send and receive fom any ISP anywhere.+ 100

forwarding addresses. You would need to set up your own domain which costs £2.24/

year for co.uk, other domains such as .com eu etc. cost more. All prices +VAT.

You might find that your first choice is already taken in which case compromise is


Another advantage is that spam is far less likely – it is targeted at the big boys such as AOL etc.


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Hi Guys

Thanks so much for all your replies. The guru returned unexpectedly, as his want, and fixed the whole thing in 2 minutes flat. He read this thread and said lots of good advice there, however being a technophobe (sp) it is all a touch beyond my aging grey matter..........but thanks again.



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