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sales date (also posted 2 legal)

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I have posted this questions before but it got lost! My friend is suffering from a French property purchase where the original sale date keeps being put back and back...

This is causing a huge problem at the uk end as he has given up the lease on a property there. Does anyone know what the legal implications are...can the sale date be put back indefinately and can the buyer halt the sale if the situation becomes too drawn out (ie 5 months instead of the expected 3!)

Any advice gratefully received

Best REgards

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>can the sale
>date be put back indefinately
>and can the buyer halt
>the sale if the situation
>becomes too drawn out (ie
>5 months instead of the
>expected 3!)

This depends on why and by whom the date is being put back and also whether or not a final date was mentioned in the compromis.
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