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Computer problem

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I am a complete duffer at computers so please forgive the wording


I have n Englih Vista computer system and a HP Photosmart C5180 all in one printer.  I am on orange.fr broadband.


All has been working well up until now.  I can type letters etc and print them off normally on Word Pad, but when I want to print a ferry ticket or e-mail in or out, up keeps coming a message about saving to XPS file and will not clear, and will not allow me to print.  (these are either through Google or my e-mail which is AOL broadband in UK.)

On looking at the files, some of them come in "gobbleydook" - somewhere along the line I may have pressed the wrong key and now nothing on line will print.  It keeps on saying save to xp something or other.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received as I do not have a computer man here to call on as I have in UK. and I am finding it difficult not being able to print out tickets etc.



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