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Does anybody have an e-mail contact address for SFR/Neuf please? We have been paying for a bundled phone/broadband package since last October but still the line doesn't work. Their contact number doesn't seem to work from the UK and as we're only in France for school holidays, there never seems to be enough time for them to get out to us before we have to return to the UK. We were there for 5 weeks at Christmas: it took 3 weeks to send a technician to confirm that it wasn't our fault followed by  another 2 weeks of inaction (despite the promise of a fix within 5 days!). They e-mail bills to our UK account but - of course - they're from 'do not reply' addresses!


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"Service client SFR neufbox et fixe

TSA 30144

94098 CRETEIL Cedex"

mention your client reference number

Should you be unhappy with the result of your contact with the above service, you can write to

"Service Consomateurs SFR neufbox et fixe



see here http://assistance.neuf.fr/neuf/contact/SC/fichetech.do?id=15236&type=RichDataSheetAdm&frames=false

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Thanks Clair. As avid readers of the forum (fora?), we never cease to be amazed by the knowledge at your fingertips!

We have snail mail on standby but having just found out from a visiting friend that our line is still dead, we still hope to be able to vent our frustration in a more immediate way....


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