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Mobile phone - cheap contracts?

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Hi there,

I'm looking to put my "pay as you go" french phone onto a contract.  Orange pay as you go is expensive, I re-fill with 30 euro credit which only lasts me about 2 weeks, it sucks!  I'm not a heavy user, but I do get a lot of work-related calls, and when I'm out I always follow up calls that come in.  I do not like Orange.fr, I think they are a scam outfit, they put you into a 2 year contract which is practically un-breakable (I had an Orange french contract phone before, and no work, tried to stop the phone contract, it was impossible!).

Does anybody have any advise as to whom I should go with?  Any good deals out there?

Thanks in advance


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If you are using 30 Euros in two weeks that's about 2 hrs a month of calls which is costing you 60 Euros per month.

With what is in fact quite a heavy usage you would be better off with a proper contract rather than pre-pay. A 12 month deal with Orange at 38 Euros would give you two hours a monthly , plus unlimited calls to three chosen numbers.

You can compare all the offers here.


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