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Sling Media streaming thru Altitude Wi=Max

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Hi Folks,

We would be grateful for anybodies experience of this.

Altitude Wi-Max

supply our internet connection - excellent with 2mb download and 1 mb


I have bought a SlingBox Solo, SlingBox Turbo's x 2 and set it up to

stream media in the house thru the mains power.  No problems however I

have tried to control the media stream remotely from Italy to view

there - one of the great selling points of Sling Media!!  Unfortunately

there appears to be some difficulty in accessing the Altitude modem

supplied (1 x ethernet and 1 x phone connection).

Our setup is as follows:

Wi-Max aerial to white box then to Altitude modem (?) made by Alvarion

Model ACPS101G (1 x ethernet plus 1 x telephone) this is then connected

to a DLink 10/100 unmanaged (powered) fast ethernet switch Model

DES-1005D.  We then connect our Skype Dual Phone and Computer to this

(no probs and works fine).

Sling Media, incredibly helpful bunch, have tried their very best but we need to ask the following ques'.

This what we intend to send by e-mail to Altitude Support staff who

will hopefully be as helpful as Sling Media's team.  Grateful if

somebody has already done this then please info us or can somebody turn the following into techie french or confirm whether Altitude support team have an english speaker !!


 1. Exactly WHAT is the modem/router and what are its capabilities, is it the white box or the Alvarion Model ACPS101G.



a. Is it a modem? is it a router-modem? Is it simply a device specific

to receiving wireless access from the provider (What is the white box?

What is the box with the ethernet and  telephone


    b. Is it possible to log into the interface?  Is correct for doing this and can it be achieved

remotely by Sling Media?

    c. What is the procedure for doing that?

    d. Is interface login possible ONLY through the provider?

2.  Is there another router / modem-router / residential gateway device that can be used to get service from the ISP?


Thank you - if people are interested then I will post the result, hopefully positive, on conclusion.

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