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Help needed: Problem gaining access to web page

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Is there some kind person out there that could help solve my problem?

I am a member of a club who has a web site with a forum attached, I am able to gain access to all parts of the site except the forum, when the site loads my computer asks if I want to view the non HTTPS content, I have checked both yes/no, the web site loads and I enter my user name and password and I am logged in OK, then I chick on forum and it refuses to connect, I am using IE and I have AGV v8, I also used Mozilla last night and did gain access once after many tries.

On IE it asks to if i want to view the non HTTPS and I clicked on info were it told me how I could change the setting to enable 'display mixed content' I did this and I still had no luck.

This morning I have tried both IE and Mozilla and nothing!

What is stoping me viewing this page?
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[quote user="Sunday Driver"]You haven't been banned, have you......[Www][/quote]

Noooo I have only just joined!

I'm not having a very good day! now this forum is causing me probs, I have a different post making page: the posting box is small only about a 1/3 of the page wide, I don't have any emotions, your quote comes out all gobbledygook ahhhhhhhhh
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[quote user="Will"]

If you are using a new version of IE, this topic should help solve the posting box problem - http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/1639542/ShowPost.aspx

Can't offer specific help with other forums unfortunately, unless you know the software the forum runs under (e.g. phpbb, simple machines etc).[/quote]

Thank you Will, yes I am useing the new version, all sorted (on this site anyway) and thanks to Clair as well.


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I have found a temporary workaround but still have the initial problem.

I have managed to get the page web address and as long as I am logged in I can open another window paste the address and get in that way!!!

But still cant get in via the link on the main page.

Something is stopping it  connecting, I would still like to know what.


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[quote user="Âme"]Maybe their link is not set up correctly? You can see the link address in the grey bar at the bottom of your IE screen, when you hover your mouse over the link.[/quote]

The site has a menu, some of the links are hiden until you open a folder and some are individual and not in a folder, all the links have the same address that appears in the grey bar area, the one I want is not in a folder like 11 others all of which I can enter.

I have sent an email to the site owners and they have replied saying they have forwarded my email to the tech department and that I should hear from them.

I am sure it is something in my computer stopping the link, but what? I have established that the site has secure and insecure content.

Thanks for you help

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[quote user="tenniswitch"]Is it possible that you are using Internet Explorer and have the popup blocker enabled (in IE tools) or in something like a google toolbar?[/quote]

AHHH I have both!!!

I will disable them tomorrow when I have some time and see if that does it

Thank you

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