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Sky HD with Astra 1

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Hi Techies,

I just bought a new sky HD box and dish. Unfortunatly l can only line up on Astra 1 due to a wall in the way[:(]. I have 80% signal and quality strength but when i try to watch Sky, after searching for channels l get 'No satellite signal is being received'[:@]. I have un-plugged and re-connected the box and still have the problem.

So, my question, will my system work on Astra 1 and if so how?[I]



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[quote user="cricri"]So, my question, will my system work on Astra 1[I][/quote]


Sky channels are on Astra 2.........a Sky dedicated decoder will only decode the Sky channels broadcast by Astra 2.

Knock the wall down or put ya dish on t'other side......

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...    or move the dish sideways.   Dishes do not have to be attached to walls/chimneys etc,  you can - if all else fails - knock a wooden post deep into the ground and more than adequately bodge something in a garden (if you have one) at a point where Astra 2 is visible.

Height is of no consequence provided the dish has a clear view of Astra 2.

But of course you may be stuck if the wall is "in the way" from all points on your property,  in which case height is a better bet.

Although dish size can in certain circumstances help (mild leaf problem for example) if there's no view then you could install Goonhilly Down to little avail.....

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