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Having a baby in France

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No personal experiences ! but this topic has come up before including pre/ante-natal care with links to other sites with information.

Do a search on keyword 'baby' in the Health conference and check the archive option.

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There is some info at expat info they have a special page on having a baby:

I would advise you even if you are not going to be living anywhere near Paris to find out if there is a branch of the National Childbirth Trust there. Some years ago I had a baby in a French hospital in Brussels and the NCT Brussels were a mine of info. The NCT in London can probably tell you of any branches in France and you can contact them by phone. Perhaps also buy a Having a Baby Book and magazines in French they will also give info. and some vocab. I have a list of French vocab for attending the ante natal clinic and the delivery and post partum. If you require it put a post on and I will get it to you.
Be prepared for different practices at the ante natal clinic and the relaxation classes which are totally different to the UK. Needless to say a lot of emphasis is placed upon recovery of the figure after birth. ( Sadly it didn't work in my case). At the clinic you may be referred to by your maiden name even if married. In case the baby is early be totally geared up from an early stage to having the means to prove that you can pay when you arrive at the hopsotal in labour. This means that your birth companion will have to be ready for production of correct papers, health insurance /mutuelle details, ID etc.

Hope all goes well!
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