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OK,so now I have my new toy, Ipod touch, and now I would like to link it with the Wifi in our place, but it is asking for the password for our Livebox. I have tried the WEP security key and the Orange password, but it refuses to play!

Does anyone know which password it is looking for and where I can find it please?

What a toy!

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jonzjob, check in the config pages admin/admin, as you say, for the current security set up to see details of the current "key" and then don't forget to press the association button on the livebox which gives you ten minutes to connect your device


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Hi Danny, I have been through the proceedure that you outlined including the pairing button and it didn't work until you put your magic oar in!![:D] Now it says that it is connected to the livebox, but I still can't get into any of the applications.

For instance the Application Store tells me that I must connect to a wi-fi network to acces the App store? The weather tells me Update failed.

I have tried to find the instruction manual online but have failed miserably. As one guy said "You get an instruction manual with a toaster, why not and iPod!"

Just saw your post Earnie, tried the  advice, but it seems that it is a bit of a jar of worms? No luck with it so far and me bed is calling! Cheers ...

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It may have taken 30 seconds to find it Ernia me awd mate, but it took me ages to decide that there s no such thing as instruction for the wi-fi in it. A number of otehr people on the forums have come up with the same idea too.

BUT with the help of one of the ipod forums I have cracked it![8-|] The wi-fi settings were  set to a static IP address, default, and it has to have a DHCP setting ( dynamic ip address I assume?) So now I have an all singing, literally,  and all dancing, almost iPod Touch!![:-))]

It even gives the meteo for our little village!!

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Hi John, have been trying for ages to get my I Pod Touch to connect to my WiFi Mac and Livebox - nothing works.  One forum told me to put in the URL and change WPA to WEP and now cant get on line at all.  (am using my daughters old laptop).  Have tried every password I have and Orange says I have the correct one.  Any idea for:

1 How to get back on line, have spent 5 mornings at Orange - waste of time

2 Where do you get the DHCP from

Am sorry to sound so ignorant but I do have blonde moments along with age moments.  I have this wonderful toy given to me as a present from my daughter and cant use it to its full ability - am so sad.  [:(]

By the way I tried to get my I Pod on line at WiFi points Madrid airport and several other Spanish towns.  No joy here in France either.


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Hi Carol, sorry to be so late replying, but it has only just appeared on my e-mail that you have put in a question?

I you go to the settings on your iPod, it shoulld already be showuing you the address of your livebox as 'Livebox-XXXX@ in pale blue opposite the Wi-Fi title.

Touch on Wi-Fi  and on the next screen make sure Wi-fi is on.

In 'Choose a Network it should show the Livebox address again and a small 'fan' like icon on the right next to the blue right arrow.

Touch on the arrow and under the 'IP Address' you will see 'DHCP BootP  Static'. Select DHCP and that should find the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Router and DNS for you.

Under the HTTP Proxy settings mine is set to 'Manual', Port 803 and the 'Authentication' to 'On'

The thing that fired it up was changing the IP address to DHCP. Personally, I think that all of the little computer people have a grudge against the enemy i.e. you and me and make it as flamin difficult as they can. That way they confirm that they really are necessary and really should get ridiculously high saleries!

Good luck![:D]

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