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Price of land


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Have just come back this week from our house, when we were over there we have enquired about buying some extra land that surrounds our home. There is a field opposite the boulangerie we own next door and one further up the lane which butts on to our orchard, also another field which runs alongside the boulangerie basically about 3 hectares. Our house is down a mile long lane which is a dead end at our property and no planning permission we believe would be granted to build on the fields as they are just used for grazing at the moment nothing. Has anyone any idea how much we should be paying for this as really no one else would buy it we feel as it really would only benefit us. The house we have is Manche near Tessy sur vire roughly about 7 miles away maybe more. We are thinking of moving over permanently so it would be nice I think to have the extra land but dont want to pay over the odds. We did meet up with the owner and all his family! who tried the hard sell but lovely people all the same who kept saying that the trees i.e. wood were all included and what a good price we would get for selling the wood off. We dont intend to cut the trees down so to us this means nothing. If anyone could give any advice I would be really grateful or of any experiences they have had.
Regards Jeanie
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This sort of question has been asked before, and a search in the archives will probably help. However, it is a virtually imposible question to answer. Land values are far less clear-cut in France than in the UK - the value is what anybody is prepared to buy or sell it for. It's what it's worth to you, and the seller, that counts.

Judging by some of the past postings in this forum on property values you are in a particularly desirable and expensive part of France, so you shouldn't expect it to come too cheaply.


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