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It has taken a mere 8 days for France Telecomm to get the phone lines to our hamlet fixed. Well done NOT.

Even more annoying was after having trekked to a phone box they won't work with money and they won't work on free to call numbers unless you have a phone card?? So you are forced to shell out cash to tell them they are not delivering a service.

Well they used too 'cos now they do not offer a freephone service in call boxes.

So I get on my bike and visit the shop only to be stung on the tongue and lip by a miniature wasp while waiting to be served. They then ask why I didn't report the fault by internet - so I explained as they only give us dial up and the line is down that isn't very easy.

They must think the whole world wants those mobile phoney jobbies... GRRRRRRRRRR

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