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Cancelling Contracts

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Different people have reported different experiences with the "administration" of ISP contracts. For what it's worth here's mine.

House sold, removers booked so I sat down with the template contract cancellation letters downloaded from elsewhere on the forum. One of these was aimed at SFR/Neuf and haveing tailored it to my circumstances winged it away to said company. Lo and behold, yesterday, I received a phone call from a lady at Neuf asking to talk about my contract. Sensing my less than perfect french she asked if I would prefer to talk in english - an opportunity grabbed with both hands. Anyway the net result was, far from being a problem, a query as to when I actually wanted my contract stopped - it could have been today if necessary, and an assurance that no further prelevements would be taken.

This was an altogether better experience than lots I have heard of and one I thought worthy of reporting  [:D] [:D]

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Gosh.. Just what I need to hear about. I can't find the link appropriate to a NEUF letter.. I beleive I'm on a 'no contract' contract.. How long will this take to cancel? I hand the property over in a month, but want to be sure it's all switched off and not drawing money off my account afterwards.. I'm in France for another week, return in 3 weeks to sign the sale..

No phone number to talk to anyone is quite dreadful.. My French is excellent, but not to an automated message!


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