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SFR / NEUF contact phone number to cancel contract?

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I hope I can get some help ..

Usual frustration - I'm on a 'no contract' 512 Hauts debits NEUF conract and am selling my house and want to cancel outright the connection. The only online 'demenagement' service is to 'move and continue at a new address'.. No cancellation facility. The freephone number is all automated and has no option to do this.. And phoning anyone when I get back to the UK will be the usual 'freephone number doesn't work' thing... Argh..

Do I have to write? Is there a number? Or do I have to drive 40km to the nearest SFR shop and only be told I have to write? (as it may be a mobile shop and not internet)..

I suspect a letter 'raccomandé' may be the only way.. Is there a notice period? ie One month's notice? Or is there a friendly phone number - my French is perfectly good over the phone!

Many thanks... I loathe these problems... :o)

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I was wondering whether anyone could give me an idea of the cancellation process of an old 'no contract' NEUF haut debit 512 abonnement and bank prelevement..

I wrote a cancellation letter requesting immediate disconection about 10 days ago and received an acknowledgement of receipt email from SFR 2 days later..

I have today received a standard email bill for the next 2 months connection up until November..

Is this quite typical? I'm not at the house again until a week before I hand the keys over to the new owner and wanted this all sorted beforehand.. Is anyone aware of an international contact number in case I need to chase this up?

Many thanks for any help..

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