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Make IE8 10x faster

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[quote user="Clair"]I have done it. It works.

I have done it and it doesn't work![:)]

Well let me qualify that; OK using the cf: meta tag I can get 100% on Acid3 compared to IE8 20% .

But not a lot out there that needs HTML 5 or Javascript 8, so a bit curious where the 10x comes from on which sites.

As the Google Frame is Beta I am reluctant to change the Windows Register as outlined below from the Google Developer site.


To make your pages work with Google Chrome Frame, you should use the method of inserting a meta tag, as described earlier. There are other ways of invoking Google Chrome Frame. These techniques are useful for testing and are not guaranteed to work in future versions.

Google Chrome Frame provides a fast testing and prototyping shortcut that's especially useful when you can't modify the page you want to test. To use this method, just navigate to the URL prepended with "cf:". Note that this prefix is in addition to any other URL scheme. For example, to see Gmail in Google Chrome Frame, go to Internet Explorer and navigate to:

You must use both the cf: and http: prefixes.

You can also use the Windows Registry to force a URL to be loaded in Google Chrome Frame. Note that the URLs are registry values (and not sub-keys): HKCU
          *google.com*         [string value name is the pattern to match, assigned value is not used]
          *yahoo.com/mail*     [use simple pattern, no regexp matching]
          *                    ['*' means load everything!]

Note: forcing websites into Google Chrome Frame with these techniques may lead to unexpected behavior. Google Chrome Frame will fetch URLs using the host browser's network stack, so the web site will send content intended for the host browser. That may not always work well if rendered in Google Chrome Frame.

By default, Google Chrome Frame uses Internet Explorer's network stack to fetch url requests. This ensures the user sees only one view of cookies, history, SSL state, and so on. To turn this off, add a 'DWORD' value 'UseChromeNetworking = 0' under HKCU\Software\Google\ChromeFrame.
Google Chrome Frame sends all top level navigation to Internet Explorer. This is to allow content to load other links in the host browser. This feature can be turned off by adding a DWORD value 'HandleTopLevelRequests = 0' under HKCU\Software\Google\ChromeFrame.


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Now on Ver 1799.

Available at


The Beta News site always seems to their first...often before the software home site.[:)]

As a Browser  I like it but my main interest is the server option that still has bugs in the Unite option.

On my XP Netbook it works a dream but on my Vista machine it is still finickety; they'll fix it.

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