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Mobile broadband in the Alps?

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I'm going to work in France, in the resort of La Plagne, for 5 months this winter [:)]

However, I am worried about being out of touch and having to trek to internet cafés to stay in touch with people back home.

I've spoken to the main mobile broadband providers here in the UK and they've all fobbed me off saying that it's based on the coverage in France so they can't tell me if I'll have access. Also I would end up paying for data charges on top of their normal rates.

Does anyone know if:

a) a mobile broadband dongle/USB stick will work in La Plagne (about 2,000m altitude)

b) there are any good PAYG providers in France of aforementioned dongles?

Any help is appreciated!



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I have no specifics for La Plagne, but in many maountainous areas mobile coverage can at best be descrobed as dire. You are certainly asking the right questions therefore.  Hopefully a winter resort will have better coverage than we do at 1000m on the other side of the Rhone
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I've just heard back from the company I'm working for and it seems there are internet cafés etc, and (even better) people that sell wireless access for 50 Euros for the season, which works in most staff accommodation, so I'll go with that option I think!

Good moneymaking opportunity for them - and handy for me...

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