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TV Via Orange & Satellite Dish.

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We have broadband & phone supplied via Orange and everything works well. We recently bought the new TV d'Orange box (the 49€ € one) and have connected it up to a 60cm dish but we can't get a signal. The satellite finder we have doesn't work one this dish (it works on our sky dish) so I think the box we have is defective in that it's not supplying power to the LNB.

Now I know that when the Orange Live box was first released there were alot of problems with them, does anyone know it the same is true of the TV box or has anyone experieced similar problems and what dod they do to fix it?

Sorry if this has been covered in other posts, I did searches but found nothing.
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The full name of the package we got, according to the box, is la TV d'Orange adsl avec satellite, all the instructions show a dish being used. If it helps a pictoral representation of the set up can be found here --> http://assistance.orange.fr/3072.php?dub=2&

I've just done a broadband test and we're at 313dl and 260 up which is, apparently, good eneough for 100Mb in 43mins.

As I said the satellite finder has no power so I'm wondering if the box is faulty.

I have another decoder currently pointing to Hotbird 13 and it's quite happy.
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This box needs to be connected to both the dish and the livebox.

Did you follow the complete procedure first: configure your livebox correctly ( no TV) , connect the box , power on and let the box update itself?  The box might not turn the lnb 'on' until it has completed this procedure.

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The power query is easy to test.   There should be either 13V or 18 V DC present on the coax cable at all times.    Which voltage is in use depends on which polarisation the box is demanding of the LNB,  but it's immaterial for your purposes at this stage.

I assume the signal meter is inserted in line using F connectors and if this is the case a quick check with a voltage tester  across the F connector that's at the end of the cable from the decoder will tell you if that's your problem.

Just to double check,  you could make up a second short length of cable as a tester,  with an F connector on one end for the decoder and bared inner and braid on the other.   That way -  just in case there's a short circuit in the current set up (which I'm sure there isn't!!!!) - you double check the voltage status of the box.

Laters - Jako does have a point,  it's just possible the DC volts don't appear until a specific point in the set up....?

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We've re-installed the box ensuring all steps were followed exactly as per the instructions. We have gone through the stage where the box searches for channels and a time is displayed on the front of the box. We are currently showing the message "Aucun signal trouve" we are being advised to re-check the connections or try another search.

I've tested the power to the LNB from the box and there isn't any (I also checked the sky box to ensure I was measuring correctly - 18v).

I think the box is defective.
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It's hard to be sure but we plugged a secong decoader into the dish and can receive other channels from Hotbird. We know they're from Hotbird 13 as when one choses a channel the staellite is displayed for a few seconds.

We'll be taking the Orange decoder back to the shop and asking them to test it shortly.
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You may well be on Hotbird,  but don't rely on the on screen display for confirmation.

How many times have I read queries from people saying "we're getting the BBC on Astra 1, how come?" and it's been because the set-up menus have been wrongly adjusted. 

The only way to be sure is to find a channel that isn't anywhere else obvious,  such as Iranian TV in your case for Hotbird confirmation.

Slightly nit-picking but still worth saying.....

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Thanks to all those who've responded to my post, I said I'd post a final note when I got it sorted out so here it is.

As I said I'd installed a satellite finder in-line to the LNB (tete) and this wasn't lit/powered so the assumption was that the decoder wasn't supplying power to the LNB. I went to the orange/France Telecom shop who told me they couldn't do anything and I should ring the technical helpline on 3900. I did this, 3 times, but kept getting cut off. The last time by a very unhelpful man, but then again my French isn't good enough for the technicalities of discussing satellite set up.

Anyway I googled "France Telecom English Helpline" and found 0800 364 775 (this is free from a France telecom land line) I spoke to a very helpful man (apparently I was the first caller) who checked the basic set up and then liased between me and the France Telecom conseilier who went through more set up options including frequency set up.

The basic problem seems to have been that the boxes are shipped with the LNB power turned off, and this can only be switched on by France Telecom from their end..........how odd.

So if you are having problems I suggest you ring the free phone helpline and seek their assistance.

I haven't detailed my set-up/solution as yours may be different but if anyone wishes details of what I was told to do and how by decoader is set up I'm happy to document it.
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Without repeating the sorry tale (it's HERE if you must) I'm now looking at this package and would welcome any feedback from those using it. Quillan, that includes you I seem to recall.

What is the typical DL speed for instance. The offers say 18mb but that is impossible to believe for a limited bandwidth satellite service.

EDIT- Re-read that and it's 1mb I see [:(]

Are there delays between requesting a download and delivery. Are there any usage caps ?

What are the relative merits of the various packages ?

If you changed to Orange from another ISP how long did it take and how long were you without Internet ?

Lot's of questions and any comments gratefully received.

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You seem to have misunderstood a little.

it is not ADSL by satellite, just normal ADSL. The satellite bit is just Orange TV by satellite - if you are unable to receive TV by ADSL, then they offer you a satellite decoder pic here which must be connected to the livebox to function and you must connect to a working satellite dish pointing to one of three possible satellites.

The ADSL is the same price, regardless of whether you choose to have the Orange TV or not. There is a 49 euro returnable deposit for the decoder. It is just an add on to the normal ADSL. So all the usual applies to the ADSL.

If you are interseted in satellite internet, Orange do offer it via their sister company and all the costs and bumf are here  NORDNET PDF

There are a variety of tariffs offered but it starts at 29,90 for 512kb service and the capping works by slowing down your access speed, the more you download.....for this price, you get 800 MB download, then if you download more, the speed drops progressively. If you go over 2.5 GB then your speed drops to 64 kb (hello dial up). There is also a hefty 399 euros for the kit satellite but it does include a handy little compass! This kit is free if you sign up for 2 years with another set of charges.... 34,90 a month and capped limits where your access is cut if you go over 2GB.

Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear but better to know now than get your hopes up.


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