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We've just had an email from Alice explaining that because of the migration of Alice services to Free,we'll have to change our password to something that conforms with Free requirements.  The email invites us to click a link that appears to take me into the Alice console to change the password.  I'm suspicious because there's no need to sign on with the old password before changing to a new one. 

I've tried seeing if I can change the password once I'm in the account user's are by signing into our account but can see nothing.

Am I being unreasonably windy?


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Why not go into your normal account password change screen and change it to whatever format they are suggesting.

That way you have lost nothing if the request is legit, but you haven't risked passing your details to a third party.

Being honest I think scammers would probably be after higher value details than your Alice password.

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[quote user="Jane and Danny"]

if it is a different message, perhaps you could show us the details so we can judge better. I haven't received anything at all. I haven't heard of this either and I like to keep up with events chez Alice.



  Not quite the same Danny but in the same vein I think.


En vue de l'uniformisation des plateformes d'hebergement mail,

nous nous préparons à migrer le domaine aliceadsl.fr sur les infrastructures

de Free.

Malheureusement, nous sommes au regret de vous informer que

votre boite mail mailto:xxxxxxxx@aliceadsl.fr ne

pourra être migrée. En effet, le mot de passe n'est pas conforme aux règles

de notre nouvelles plateforme (votre mot de passe doit comporter de 6 à 10

caractères sans accents). Sans modification de votre mot de passe, nous ne

pourrons en assurer le bon fonctionnement que jusqu'au 1er novembre


Aussi, nous vous invitons à modifier au plus vite votre mot de

passe via l'URL http://console.aliceadsl.fr/activation/changePassword.pl?email=xxxxxxxxxx@aliceadsl.fr&key=9951871004dcbartoists1a71r6ya6a22d211eff9dc2c1


mail n'est pas une tentative de récupérer des informations personnelles à

votre insu car, comme vous pouvez le vérifier, ce lien pointe bien sur la

même adresse que votre espace abonné Alice d'une part et votre mot de passe

actuel ne vous y est pas demandé d'autre part (seul un nouveau mot de passe

y est requis).

En nous excusant pour la gêne


L'équipe Alice

I've logged into our account using the old password and strangely, I can see no way to change a password.  I smell rats....or phish!


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Hello Jan

I have a feeling it is a genuine email from Alice -  but if you don't mind me using a copy of your message, I can check on the Alice forum for you - they know what is what there and they will advise if it is a genuine email or not. Let me know and I will post a message there and we should find out soon enough.

The alternative is to call 1033 and simply ask them if it is genuine or not.


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Jan, you are not the only one.... there is already a thread open on this subject there.


it seems that it is a genuine request.

From a quick glance at the thread, as far as the password goes, certain passwords which contain hyphens or some other characters are not compatible with Free's mail system.

Essentially, as you are not being asked for your old password, there is no attempt to get any info from you. Your new password needs to be in a certain format as the email suggests.

I am not sure how this affects your login and password to the alice site if you change it or if the old login stays the same. I suppose you will find out soon enough.

I will keep you posted if I hear any more but in the meantime you have to click on the link and choose a new password. I presume that not having received the message that our Alice email password is OK


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