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which part of france


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i am looking to visit france early next year with intentions of buying a property to live in permanently. can anyone point me in the right direction. i want a nice area but not expensive property. how do the different departments stand with property prices????
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My own experience suggests that the North is cheap, but wet n cold just like the UK can be at times. Good prices but being snapped up rather quickly.

The center region is nice if you do not mind being far from the beach! Weather is often hot in the summer... but can be very cold in the winter. Prices a bit higher bit still some bargains if you do not mind getting your hands dirty. That's where I've pitched my tent anyway.

The south? Far to hot for me in the summer, and far to expensive for me to even consider.

If I was looking again I'd take a nice slow drive across France, along the route of the Loire and see how the fancy takes me. I'm always amazed at how each village and/or town often has it's character.

Good hunting.

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