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Hi all

Somebody mentioned to me a gadget which plugs into the back of your Sky box, sends out an FM signal which can be tuned into by a normal transistor radio. Thus enabling you to listen to the Radio with your lovely little Roberts radio, just as you did in the UK.

Anybody know about this gadget ?


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I listen to R4 on wireless headphones connected to a spare Sky receiver.

They are loud enough to put down and still hear.

My headphones are made by Phillips and cost around 40 euros they have an excellent range and I can listen in the hammock at the end of the garden and even in my kite flying field two minutes walk away. They will work through approx 5 walls a metre thick.

If you do listen on Sky you will eventually have to find the set up menu and turn 'auto shut down' off or you will go to bed happily listening  only to be denied Today in the morning.

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We use a Sky Gnome, which plugs into the back of the Sky box and transmits the tv ( or radio) sound to a receiver.

They aren't on sale from Sky any more, but I've bought a couple from Ebay and Amazon.

It give you all the radio or tv stations on a wireless "radio" with quite a good range.



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Any of the gadgets sold to transmit the signal from an mp3 player or whatever will do this. You will need a lead to connect from the phono plugs on the Sky box to the mini plug on the device. They sell such a thing on BF boats should you happen to be nosing around the shop during a crossing, for example.

Otherwise a Sky Gnome is great, although they can be a bit temperamental.

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I use a Revo Pico Internet radio, you just need wifi in order to use it and it is completely independent from your computer. Thousands of radio stations (including all the BBC stations) are available as well as all the BBC Podcasts. A wonderful device, so much better than a Sky Gnome. I use the Radiobox app on my iPhone to listen to the radio when out of the house.

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