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Freesat Box Setup

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I have just bought a Humax HD freesat box.

I have connected it to my dish which my old skybox was on, to the TV via an hdmi cable and to the DVD recorder via a scart cable.

I switched it on and it is displaying 'inst' on the front which I assume means it is going through its automatic installation program, however, it has been like this for 3 hours now.

Is this normal?


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I don't have a Humax,  but generally - dish or no dish - you should see a menu asking for your post code and other basic settings,  before it proceeds to a signal test and eventual scan.

Is anything at all displayed on the TV?   Have you instructed the TV to "look" at the HDMi source  (it isn't automatic in many cases).

Check by disconnecting the HDMi cable and using a Scart cable to connect the Humax to the TV in the same way the sky box was connected and see if anything is displayed then....

Will proceed from there,   maybe tim is around (who I know DOES have a Humax)

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[quote user="cheminot"]Many thanks for your replies.

I have sorted it out now. I changed the TV connection from hdmi to scart and it all works now.

I dont understand why it wont work on hdmi though, it is supposed to be the best way of connecting for HDTV.



As Martin suggests, could it be that, as you have not used it before, the HDMI connection is not enabled on your TV?

A quick look at the TV settings or manual should answer that [:)].

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