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Unemployment Benefit

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I am not sure if this is the correct part of hte Forum to post this but here goes anyway...

I will be moving to France (eventually and after a few "false starts" last year!) at the end of this month.

I am self employed at the moment, and the contract that I am currently on will cease on 30th November.

My question is, am I entitled to unemployment benefit or anything similar when I move to France. (My partner is French, and will be supporting me on a low income until I can get a job). If so,what do I need to do? Presumably I will need a CDS a.s.a.p before claiming any benefits? Would it be easier if I claimed benefit here in th UK before moving over?

Thanks in advance!

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>I am self employed at the
>moment, and the contract that
>I am currently on will
>cease on 30th November.
>My question is, am I entitled
>to unemployment benefit or anything
>similar when I move to

The French will give you nothing unless you have worked in France.

>Presumably I will
>need a CDS a.s.a.p before
>claiming any benefits?

You won't get a CDS and French Social Security number unless you can prove that you can support yourself or that you have a job in France. If you are new here your CDS will only be valid for as long as your work contract is, specifically so that you will be unable to claim anything from the French Social Security when your contract ends.

> Would it
>be easier if I claimed
>benefit here in th UK
>before moving over?

This is what you would have to do. There are arrangements to have UK benefit paid for a time whilst you are looking for work in France.
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