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vista service pack 2

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[quote user="AnOther"]

[quote user="jetlag"]the update for vista service pack 2[/quote]Is there perhaps some punctuation missing here ?

the update for vista, service pack 2 [Www]

Eats leaves and shoots [:D]



Hi Jetlag,

If AnO is correct (he usually is) then in reply to your original posting, I installed SP2 on Vista early July with no attributable problems.


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[quote user="kimg"]hi

only problem was sound went

if it happens to u ill tell u the simple fix

otherwise no problems



We are on Vista (though I know nothing of service packs) and I have lost my sound. It works fine on Skype but I have lost it on BBCiplayer radio programmes and couldnt get sound on another site I tried. What's up? (any advice needs to be targetted to a total novice.)

thanks, Kathy.

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create a restore point

go to control panel


device manager


mine then shows via high defin audio

delete that file

then insert the cd that came with comp

and reinstall that file, will do auto

from that cd

dont let it install from hard drive

hope that works


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