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Channel 5 Problem

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I need a new card for my Sky box, or so it tells me but thats not really the problem. I pulled the card out and I still get (specifically) Channel 5. I was round my mates house and he has the same message so I suggested he did the same but he can't get Channel 5 on his Sky box without the card being inserted (it says 'insert card'). Am I lucky or has he got a problem? If its the latter any ideas on how to fix it?

Without the Sky card all the channels I normally watch are there with the exception of 5US and Fiver both of which I never watch.

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[quote user="cooperlola"]

This subject has been much discussed, Q.  Put channel 5 into the search box and you'll find this thread:


See Anton's "fix" about half way down.[:)]


Thanks for that.

When you 'reprogram' the box does C5 go to channel 105 autmatically?

Why does it work OK on my box without a card and I did nothing to it and not my mates?

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On my ancient Amstrad DRX100 boxes I can insert my subscription card to force it to my region (East) which also puts CH5 on 105, after which I can remove it, stick any old card in to operate the tiny switch which is in there, and it will stay like that unless or until I lose power, so it looks at least partially hardware dependent.

I haven't tried this trick with any other type of box although I do have a collection of about half a dozen others.

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