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Absolutely not,  as far as I know,   provided you switch it to "non-freesat mode" or whatever it's called on a Humax.

In fact from what I seem to remember the Humax is particularly suited to this,   as you can effectively reconfigure it to be a conventional FTA receiver rather than a "freesat" one,   whereas most other freesat boxes just have a klutzy "non freesat mode".

Tim will know for certain.......

So you should find F2/3/5/Arte/Parl and TMC.

Having said that,  my Grundig freesat box finds the French transponder but for some reason will only memorise F3,  refuses to store the others.    But then Grundig is Harvard and pretty rubbishy  (at least mine survived the episode of the flawed software download that wrekced so many boxes permanently)

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Sorry to let you down Martin, but I don't have a dish pointing at 5 west. I haven't even had the time to 'play' with my Humax on my 19/13 east dish yet.

Since getting the box a year ago, it's become our primary piece of kit for reception of the UK channels and it's recording facilities have made almost indespensable, so to take it out of service for even a short time has not been possible.

Having said that though, my better half has found some part time employment in the UK so I may have time to at least try it on the other dish.

As Martin has said, the box does have a non-freesat mode which I have tried once or twice on the UK sats. I do think though, that the EPG and therefore the recording system would be compromised, so I'm not sure how useful it would be and if that is the case, in my opinion, would be a waste of the machines capabilities. But they're just my thoughts.

If I do get the chance to 'play' I'll try to remember to report back here.

Regards - Tim

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Tim - you'll have to try out Astra 1 soon as tonight (as far as I can see)  ZDF have inaugurated their HD broadcasts for the Christmas period trial.   ARD starts I think on 19th Dec.

And then you'll be able to marvel at how the BBC have prostituted the quality of their HD channel recently when you tune back to Astra 2.

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