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Our president on the box

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President Sarkozy will be the guest interviewed by Laurence Ferarri on the TF1 Journal tonight at 20.00 followed by Paroles de Français at 20.30 presented by Jean-Pierre Pernaut where Mr Sarkozy will be replying to (carefully selected in advance) questions from a studio audience.

The questions will be on the following and other subjects:

Crise économique

Grippe A

Porte du voile (burka)

Privatisation de La Poste

Identité national

échéance des régionales

I am not sure what the last one means but will find out tonight, I enjoyed watching the last "Sarkozy spectacle".

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[quote user="tel"]

He won't like this then.




I have rarely read a more bitterly jealous and slanted article.

The BBC has been in terminal decay for over 15 years, and is now only capable of presenting sensationalised 'personality-focused ' work.

French Cinema is aeons apart: have a look at the thread on this Forum..

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Thats what I thought Norman.

The guy couldnt even be ar5ed to use accents or spell the French phrases correctly so I suppose it is no surprise that what he wrote was rubbish and contradictory.

I watched Taxi 3 last night, despite Sylvester Stallone being in the opening scenes it turned out to be a French film and very enjyable too, hardly highbrow and vey visual comedy but it made me chuckle.

Perhaps Taxi 1 and 2 were French (I havn't seen them) and its just me that thought they were American films

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I'm sorry I missed that. Taxi not Sarko.

Yes, Chancer, Taxi 1 & 2 are French films, also starring Samy Nacéri. I think there's a 4 as well. Hilarious, if you like that sort of thing, as I do.  Those films introduced me to lots of new vocabulary. [Www]

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But did anyone watch it (other than the 8.8 million claimed by TF1)?  Would have faced a riot here if watched live, but I took it in 20 min bites off the site this morning.  Not had a chance to discuss his performance with our locals (many of whom are milk farmers).  Adds an extra dimention to converstion though. 
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Yes I watched it live and thought that he gave a good performance as always, more than could be said for the invited guests, is anyone in France actually capable of asking a question? - The answer is no judging by that lot.

Starting with the unemployed marketing graduate who despite being asked repeatedly by J-P "quelle est votre question S.V.P.," was incapable. 

Followed by the syndicalist who also was more pre-occupied with having a rant, asked no question and spent the rest of the program scowling at the president (I hope his security detail have marked his card). 

Then we had the ensignant who despite being asked 3 times for his question could only say "my question is, .......... we want................" and then continued with his rambling.

The infirmiere when prompted did at least pose a question to the President.

The woman employed (we know not what as) in la grande distribution after being repeatedly prompted said "my husband and I earn €3000 per month and we have spent it all before the end of the month, what are we supposed to do?" - she didnt take kindly to his suggestion that either one or both of them could work more hours thanks to his reforms and seemed unconvinced that neither she nor her employer would pay social charges.

There was the woman who had recently started her auto-entrepeneur business as a wedding planner who was asked twice "what is your question please," but the best she could manage is to say that it was easy to set up in one click but actually being in business she now realises is more difficult [:-))] and that no-one had offered her any support or formations, I think I would have resorted to sarcasm  at that point but he did seem to take it on board and said that they had been overwhelmed by the success of AE and he would discuss with the minister some sort of support and training network.

The saving grace was the female comptable who without pre-amble launched straight into  "Monsieur le president, this is my question and this is why I am asking you.........."

I do really hope that they were not representative of the French population, the programme was scheduled for one hour but over-run by one hour, J-P tried initially to speed things along but the syndicalist alone caused the initial over-run, he tried again to wrap it up after 90 minutes but failed and had to work at it to finisn on the 2 hour slot.

Question time it weren't!

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