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French light bulbs


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French fittings are identical to UK.Both bayonet and edison screw.What is not quite identical is the voltage.Most of the UK is 240 volts whilst France is 220.This means that uk bulbs should last a long time in France but not the other way round.
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Thanks everybody - I will take one of each sort.

We do have a battery operated double cupboard light.
Torches go without saying - two in the car, one pocket variety.
I even have a small battery operated light which clips onto a book so you can read in bed.

However, as soon as a central light has a bulb in it, it will be easier to unload the car - and yes we do have camp beds and a ladder!

The furniture has been on hold since September in the various stores - just hope the Christmas rush hasn't pushed ours to the back of the warehouses!

I'm so excited now.


Wendy K.

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